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What is Transactional Printing?  Transactional Printing is a broad term that in its simplicist form takes a business entity’s variable data and turns it into high value actionable printed output. The most common forms of transactional printing output include statements, invoices, bills, appointment reminders, notices and promotional communications.  In reality, Transactional Printing represents any form of communication a business has with its customers. 

The legacy approach to Transactional Printing in the high-volume space, was to pre-print shells with PMS-matched color logos and then image the variable data in black print only on a continuous feed printer.  This process leads to tons of waste and steep up-front costs.  At CDI, we believe in dynamically producing your Transactional Print Documents in full digital color to give our customers greater flexibility with the look and feel of their printed output.  Our approach to Transactional Printing follows the “just in time” inventory model that most business subscribe to today.  We only print what you need when you need it, giving you the ability to make real time changes to your documents without having to wait for preprinted stock to run out.  More importantly, with our approach, you pay for what you need when you need it. 


CDI has over 25 years of experience producing accurate, secure and effective printed communications for our customers. We specialize in serving the secure needs of the Healthcare, Banking and Insurance industries, but we also provide services to customers in the Municipal, Utility, Energy and Manufacturing industries.  No matter the source or complexity of your variable data, our development team can create the output you want and a variable data workflow that will produce consistently reliable results.  


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create amazing full color documents that will improve your interaction with your customers.  

Secure Variable Data


If your customer requires a provider who is experienced in the processing and management of transactions within an ever-changing regulatory environment, then we can help.


We specialize in the handling and processing of highly specialized, sensitive and personalized data for your clients. Our experienced team securely safeguards your client’s data, ensuring production accuracy and mitigates risk using proven process and procedures that have been developed through years of work with our auditing firm and tried and tested annually during our SSAE-18 audit.

We have invested in technology, security, and training specifically to handle and process:

● health records (HIPAA & PHI)

● confidential data (Personal Identifiers)


Our goal is to ensure your customers can deliver personalized information to their patients, members, clients or customers specifically when they need to have it with the accuracy required to ensure compliance with standards of care specified by the appropriate regulatory agencies.

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