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From the simplest printed piece to the most complicated, can’t-be-missed, time-sensitive mailing, CDI delivers with accuracy and predictability each and every time. We provide each customer with a Service Level Guarantee (SLA) that your clients can trust to ensure their mail pieces are delivered in a timely manner while saving them money.


​Creative Efficiency

Our mail processing center features a laser-driven sorting machine, capable of scanning, reading, and pre-sorting up to 8000 pieces per hour. Our mail fulfillment team has unparalleled experience sorting and handling mail.  No mailing is too big or too small for our mailing handling process.


Creative Savings

Our intelligent presorting schemes delivers discounted postage rates by producing the best sorting density possible.  We leverage our daily mailing volume by comingle each piece of mail to each that our customers receive the best postage rate possible. ​


Creative Security

Our status as a certified mailer by the United States Postal Service (USPS) guarantees our clients a DIRECT CHAIN OF CUSTODY with the USPS. This means no one else handles your clients’ mail other than CDI and USPS. We deliver your client’s mail pieces directly to a USPS Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) each and every day, ensuring your clients the most accurate, reliable, timely and secure handling of their mail.

Contact CDI today to see how we can help you, and your clients, improve the delivery interval of their mail pieces as well as improve the cost associated with reaching their customers.  

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