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What is Digital Commercial Printing?


Digital Commercial Printing is simply the printing an image directly from a digital file onto a variety of media, be it paper or other non-paper surfaces. Because there’s no need to create plates, digital printing allows commercial printers to print even a single sheet if needed.  This means we can more cost effectively produce your output with shorter turnaround times and in smaller quantities than has generally been available using legacy offset printing methods. Since our digital processes don’t use plates and other necessary prep, we can instantly create output using our digital printing processes versus traditional offset processes.

Why Digital Commercial Printing?

  • Printing on demand. Because there’s no need to create plates, digital printing allows commercial printers to print even a single sheet if needed.

  • Shorter turnaround times. Without plates and other necessary prep, commercial printers can print nearly instantly using digital processes.

  • Less time and labor. This means we can cost effectively produce your output, even in smaller quantities, and in less time.

  • Easily modify images. If you need to make a last minute change to what you’re printing, digital printing makes it easy to make alterations without creating extra work.

  • Technological advances. Offset printing may still be the most common printing process, but advances in digital printing technology may soon see it overtake offset methods as the primary printing process of choice.


We can produce saddle stitch books, a perfect bound books, an annual reports, a municipal reports, HR manuals, Employee handbooks, newsletters, a duplex flyers, brochures, rack cards, sell sheets, posters, note pads, letterhead, custom envelopes, menus, solicitation letters, postcards and business cards in any quantity you need, at extremely cost effective prices.


And, as an experienced full service mailing facility, we offer our customers a true one stop shopping experience for those that need to mail their commercial print pieces to their customers.  We offer a full array of mailing services that will save you time and money, by eliminating additional handling to get your pieces mailed and by ensuring that you have the right class of service to reach your customers on time, using the most cost effective shipping method.     


CDI can help you produce your commercial print products cost effectively in smaller quantities that have historically been considered too expensive to do so with onsite mailing services available if needed.  Contact us today to find out more about CDI’s Digital Commercial Print services. 

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