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As with many things in business these days, the Internet is the medium of choice for numerous forms of communication.  Even though CDI was formed to provide printed communication, it embraced Electronic Communications as a natural evolution of its core business. Today, CDI offers a full suite of Electronic Presentment tools, all supported by its in-house web development team.

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment, or EBPP as it is commonly referred to, is a service that CDI has been offering its healthcare customers for well over 10 years.  CDI’s EBPP websites are mobile friendly, extremely flexible, user friendly and secure. And because CDI is not a payment processor, our EBPP portals can be connected to the credit card payment processor of your choice.

Contact CDI today to learn more about our Electronic Presentment tools and see how easy it is to offer your clients the ability to deliver both high quality printed and user friendly electronic communications to its customers.

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