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 Transparency & Control

Transparency and control, that is what CDI Central provides our customers.  The CDI Central dashboard provides our customers with real time views into every project they have flowing through CDI’s production facility.  Our workflow portal represents a centralized location to submit files, receive submission acknowledgement, approve files, check on the status of file as they flows through our production processes, including mailing confirmation, as well as provide access to document archives.  


CDI Central provides you transparency into the status of each job we handle for you, so you know exactly when each project is handed off to the USPS.  It also allows our customers the ability to review output before it is released for processing, to hold or remove certain documents from the output before its run, to reject output if there is a problem with your file and to approve the output for processing once reviewed.  Our goal is to provide you tools that make it easier to do business with us, and we believe CDI Central does just that.   


Contact CDI today for a demo of our CDI Central Dashboard.     

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